Long Range Plan

I. Implement, review and revise K-12 curriculum incorporating rigorous standards and appropriate assessments.
  • A. Assure that the K-12 curriculum incorporates all content areas in the Maine Learning Results.
  • B. Establish a format and schedule to effectively communicate to the public.
  • C. Involve staff and community in the implementation/review/revision process.
  • D. Maintain a standard process for periodic review and evaluation of curriculum.
  • E. Develop a local comprehensive assessment system which meets state standards.
  • F. Align grading system and/or report card to the assessment system.
II. Expand, evaluate, and coordinate educational programs to guarantee equal opportunity for all Central Lincoln County School System/AOS #93 students.

  • A Create alternative learning opportunities for students.
  • B. Establish interest in and support for each program
  • C. Enlist the communities' interest and support for the programs.
  • D. Ensure that students are active participants in the learning process.
III. Continue to explore opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency of Central Lincoln County School System/AOS #93

  • A.Explore facility growth options
  • B. Determine the feasibility of a union-wide teachers' contract
  • C. Explore alternative scheduling options.
  • D. Continue to provide the Central Office with the necessary resources for policy and program implementation.
IV. Improve the educational opportunities for secondary students in Central Lincoln County School System/AOS #93.

  • A. Expand local vocational options for students in AOS #93.
  • B. Explore alternatives for funding and governance for AOS #93 secondary students.
  • C. Continue and expand student to student interaction between high school and elementary students.
  • D. Involve appropriate secondary education staff in all relevant AOS 93 educational activities.