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Superintendent Search

In the spring of 2017, Steven W. Bailey announced his retirement as Superintendent of Schools for AOS 93. During his six year tenure with us, Mr. Bailey was awarded the Maine Superintendent of the Year in 2015. He continues to serve us indirectly, as the executive director of the Maine School Management Association.

Mr. Jim Hodgkin is serving as interim superintendent for the 2017-2018 school year.  

The AOS 93 School Board is now focused on conducting a formal search for a new superintendent for the 2018-19 school year. The following is the superintendent search announcement and advertisement: 


 Community Survey  

An important component of the search process is collecting information from the community. Click here to take the community survey:  


Paper copies will also be available at the AOS 93 Central Office. This information will be collected through February 23, 2018 and will help establish a profile of those characteristics and skills which will best match the specific needs of the school system at the present time.

Interested candidates should contact Maine School Management Association to request application materials:

Phone: 207-622-3473

Email: msma@msmaweb.com
or mail requests to:
Maine School Management Association AOS 93 Superintendent Search
49 Community Drive
Augusta, ME 04330 

About Us

Click HERE for the AOS 93 Brochure to learn more about our district.

Central Lincoln County School System, AOS 93, is located in mid-coast Maine and serves seven rural communities: Bremen, Bristol, Damariscotta, Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro, and South Bristol.

The CLCSS brings together five schools and their communities, each as their own school district, to form a system. This system forms a network for the purpose of defining and implementing common curriculum, assessment and instruction that are all aligned with important learning standards. The CLCSS serves the common purpose of providing high quality learning for all AOS 93 students. There are eight School Boards, each comprised of three to seven elected members, and an AOS 93 Board composed of seven members, one from each of the local Boards. The AOS 93 Board employs the superintendent who oversees the operation of the five Kindergarten through grade eight elementary schools and the tuitioning of all secondary school students. Central Lincoln County School System serves a total of approximately 1550 students in 2017-18. The combined annual budgets of the five schools and the secondary tuition exceed $22 million dollars.

Central Lincoln County School System/AOS 93
Mission - Vision

The Central Lincoln County School System / AOS 93 serves the common purpose of providing high quality learning for all CLCSS students.  The school system brings together five schools and their communities, each as their own school district, to form a system.  This system creates a network to implement common curriculum, assessment and instruction aligned with important learning standards that supports all students achieving to high levels.

            It is the vision of the Central Lincoln County School System to provide an innovative learning environment where:

    • students learn to be good people; to do what’s right for their neighbors, near and far;
    • a continuous safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment is provided and where ongoing support for success is provided;
    • students seek new adventures and achieve to high individual goals;
    • all of our students learn skills and demonstrate their readiness for challenges beyond grade eight so their successes and aspirations extend into young adulthood;
    • our staff works collaboratively to create engaging lessons that are rigorous and relevant for students;our communities join together in the mutual support of our students’ lifelong learning; and
    • celebrations of success, small and great, occur routinely.