AOS 93 Secondary School Choice Information

Post date: Jan 21, 2021 3:37:27 PM

Maine’s Town Tuitioning Program is the second oldest school choice program in the nation. The program, launched in 1873, allows students from a town without a public school to attend either a public school in another town or a non-religious private school.

AOS 93 is a K-12 school district where students have school choice for grades 9-12. The district has seven towns with a total school enrollment of over 1500 students. Each town pays the approved state tuition rate to each school for their students. The majority of our students attend school locally and a small percentage attend schools with boarding options. In order to receive these public funds schools must meet criteria for instruction and complete an approval process with the State of Maine. We would like to make it more accessible for parents and students to understand the variety of school options that school choice presents. In an effort to highlight these opportunities in the past we have organized a meet and greet with schools. Given the limits of the pandemic, we have assembled school contacts and useful information in this document. Please contact each school for more information about their programs. If you have any questions regarding school choice and how it works please feel free to contact the AOS 93 Superintendent’s Office.

AOS 93 School Choice Information Document