School Boards

Core Values of the Central Lincoln County School System/AOS 93 Community

Adopted by School Boards - February 2002

  • Respect: A respectful person shows consideration for persons, places or things. (Sept)

  • Responsibility: A responsible person fulfills their obligations and is accountable for their actions. (Oct)

  • Self-discipline: A self disciplined person controls their behavior and feelings. (Nov)

  • Caring: A person feels and demonstrates concern for others. (Dec)

  • Tolerance: A tolerant person recognizes and respects the beliefs or practices of others.

  • Honesty: An honest person responds in a sincere and truthful manner to people and events. (Feb)

  • Involvement: An involved person participates in school and community activities. (March)

  • Compassion: A compassionate person understands the suffering of others and wants to do something to help. (April)

  • Courage: A courageous person faces their fears with confidence. (May)

  • Trustworthiness: A trustworthy person is reliable and dependable in all they do. (June)