Rooms Info

Hello AOS 93 Guardians! AOS 93 is excited to let you know that our parent to teacher communication portal is now live! It's called Rooms and it lives in the AOS 93 app! (Get it here for iOS or here for android In Rooms you can get more insight into your child's classes and directly message your child's teachers. Here's our 1 minute video on how to use it -

Not all of our AOS 93 teachers are using Rooms yet, but will be by next fall. If you didn't get a Rooms invite from us and are wondering why not, it's probably because your child's teacher isn't one of our early adopters. 

If you see a Rooms invite email that looks like the one below - congratulations! Your child is in one of the classrooms of teachers trying out the new platform! 

In that email you receive, please click on the link to create a password so that you will have access to Rooms. Only you and your child's other guardians listed in PowerSchool will have this access to Rooms with our teachers in the AOS 93 app who are our early testers of this new communication feature. Keep an eye out for this email since we'll have more teachers adding Rooms in the near future!

Rooms Invite Email

If you do not see Rooms in your AOS 93 app, please quit the app and relaunch it to refresh.

Thanks and please feel free to reach out to KJ Flewelling if you have any questions at