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Central Lincoln County School System, AOS 93, is located in mid-coast Maine and serves seven rural communities: Bremen, Bristol, Damariscotta, Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro, and South Bristol.

The CLCSS brings together five schools and their communities, each as their own school district, to form a system. This system forms a network for the purpose of defining and implementing common curriculum, assessment and instruction that are all aligned with important learning standards. The CLCSS serves the common purpose of providing high quality learning for all AOS 93 students. There are eight School Boards, each comprised of three to seven elected members, and an AOS 93 Board composed of seven members, one from each of the local Boards. The AOS 93 Board employs the superintendent who oversees the operation of the five Kindergarten through grade eight elementary schools and the tuitioning of all secondary school students. Central Lincoln County School System serves a total of approximately 1550 students. The combined annual budgets of the five schools and the secondary tuition exceed $22 million dollars.